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Before you start wearing your jewellery, it might be useful to know the possible effect of the minerals they contain.

In case of any questions, I will try to help with your choice. The effectiveness of the minerals and pearls used is not proved and cannot be proven.

It is up to your personal conviction whether you take these possible effects into account or just their natural beauty when choosing a piece of my jewellery.

Many different websites deal with the topic of the effect of the minerals, so I will not cover it here but you can find further information with a simple search.



I will do everything in my power to make you satisfied with my product. If you are not fully satisfied, you have the right of withdrawal for 14 working days after purchase when purchasing an item from stock. The 14 working days will start when the item is received.

It is not necessary to let me know the reason of withdrawal, however, your feedback would help avoiding possible future problems. It is also important, that I am only able to take the purchased item back in perfect condition.

I will transfer the full amount back within 10 working days or deduct it from your next order if requested. The cost of returning the item purchased is down to the buyer.

According to current legislation: the right of withdrawal cannot be applied when the item purchased is uniquely created for the buyer.

(Repair under warranty is valid for all items purchased, for 6 months from the day of purchase.)

Government Decree 17/1999 (II./5.) on distance contracts lists all cases when the buyer cannot uphold his right of withdrawal.


The beaded jewellery can be delicate, so they can only be repaired under warranty if the fault arises during proper use and within 6 months from the time of purchase.

You can also contact me with warranty repair claims in case of manufacturing fault, that only comes to light during the use of the itemvia artwork@seradsgn.com.


  1. Keep the beaded jewellery away from moisture, heat and chemical substances.
  2. It is expressly not recommended to wear the jewellery during cleaning, sport, bathing and sleeping.
  3. It is recommended to store the jewellery separately in soft paper or a pouch.
  4. It is recommended to clean the jewellery with a dry or slightly damp, soft cloth.
  5. Keep away from children as the small parts can be harmful or cause choking.


Your opinion is priceless, because…

…it helps me improve, andsmuggle some joy into the dull everydays… J

I welcome every kind of feedback, because your opinion helps me create quality products, offer a high level service, and alsocorrect the possible problems.

You can leave your opinion on the website under the FEEDBACK option or you can write to artwork@seradsgn.com