I am Erika Sipos, the creator of Sera DSGN. My aim is to help women to bring forth their feminine qualities.

I create different styles of jewellery, but each one is characterized by extreme colours and designs. I do not design ordinary accessories only for special occasions or weekdays. Often, when someone chooses a piece for an elegant occasion, they can also wear it with a pair of trainers.

While I was only painting, I have only played around with shades. Since I have started creating jewellery, there is a lot more scope to display individuality.

Initially, I made jewellery out of resin-preserved orchids. They were followed by cultured pearls and later I extended my palette with wonderful healing minerals, leather, silk and crystals. I always find something new and exciting that wants to become something else in my hands. But in every case, I create a unique – on request tailor-made – piece.

Mission statement

My motto: “Smuggle a little bit of boldness into your everydays!”

It is amazing how different we are, inside and out. Today, however, the world is on route to uniformity, as we live in the era of manufacturing mass products.

I create my jewellery for those women who value uniqueness and quality. Jewellery – like accessories in general – can turn any outfit extraordinary. And what is even more wonderful is that they can be worn for a cocktail dress as well as for a pair of jeans and shirt. Why should everyone be restrained?! Why not enjoy the versatility of materials and forms?! Why not have fun with colours?!

I do not make mass products, which means my jewellery is not for everyone. I do not want to compete with cheap, shoddy goods. I believe in quality, in my meticulous and high standard work, in the power of the minerals and healing stones.

I create jewellery for women with a strong feminine identity.

“All my life, all I was interested in, was luxury. I wanted, that when someone puts one of my clothes on, to feel privileged and to create the feel of luxury. ” (Tamás Náray – Az utolsó reggel Párizsban, Libri Könyvkiadó,2014).

I feel the same way. I want anyone who wears my jewellery to feel special and start out on the road to self-love and self-acceptance. Also to realise that you do not have to choose the jewellery to your outfit, it can be the other way around.

My mission

“My mission is to make the lives of women more beautiful with my jewellery.”

I am always on the lookout for special materials and minerals, and if I fall in love with something, I will not rest until I get it.

Creating my jewellery recharges me completely, and what I want is that when you pick up a piece of Sera DSGN jewellery and look in the mirror, to have the same experience! I hope you will keep enjoying my work for a long time!

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