I find it difficult to describe the absolute feminine woman. I feel that the answer is quite complex, because we are all different.


I would like to quote one of my role models, Coco Chanel: ‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself’. We don’t have to pursue perfection all the time, we should just be ourselves!

I have to disillusion those who are waiting for a miracle from following the trends of leading fashion companies. Unfortunately I can’t agree with them…

Even if the colors and fabrics capture me too, I always aspire for individuality. Not every piece of clothing or hair color suits everyone, like the models on the photos.

We can be slim, or plump J, blonds, redheads, brunettes! It doesn’t matter! What matters, that we know what suits us and wear that!

We have to feel good in our skin, which I know is really hard, but we can always try, can’t we?

‘Fashion is what you are offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose’ (Lauren Hutton).

So even against all the influencing factors, the real Woman knows exactly what she wants!

Nevertheless, I love when someone is brave! It is no accident that I create statement jewelry! Dare to be brave, and get away from the everyday dullness, even if now you have to choose your clothes for your jewelry and not the other way around. 🙂

I needed something unique, something that is really me… Something, that has value even without the brand name, and helps me smile when I look into the mirror! 🙂

The little help from the accessories was important to bring forth that confident, feminine feeling.

I’m curious, that you, who read my posts, would perhaps find one among my pieces of jewelry that would make you feel like a real woman?

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